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Leopard in the wilderness


Big Five in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka over the millennia has been referred to by many evocative names including Ceylon, Serendib and Lanka. More recently she has been known as, A Small Miracle, A Land Like No Other, and Refreshingly Sri Lanka - all of which suit this truly unique island nation. Sri Lanka is now rapidly gaining international credit and being rewarded with the title of the world’s best Safari Destination outside of Africa, where the draw of the Big Five is magnetic and compulsive. Sri Lanka, a compact island nation, has a range of wildlife which is truly breathtaking, and will enthuse and delight in equal measure anyone who appreciates the wild side of life.

Sri Lanka is passionately proud of her historical heritage, her numerous cultures and her melting-pot of people who make the country so special, but she is truly proud of the natural treasures which Mother Nature has bestowed upon her shores.

Sri Lanka has her own ‘Big Five’, and Big Game Safaris unequivocally believe in promoting these natural treasures. We believe that nature is there for one and all, but are quick to express that we are true ambassadors of protecting and conserving these special creatures to ensure that for generations to come, these creatures of the wild will be accessible to all, in their own habitat, allowed to roam free, unhindered by pressures caused by man.

Allow Big Game Safaris to guide you on a journey to a new understanding of just how unique and special these animals truly are, by introducing Sri Lanka’s Big Five to you in a proper manner, befitting the vision of the Company. Watch and observe, and enjoy and rejoice in the preservation of some of this planet’s most incredible creatures.

Big Game Safaris, where the animals are the kings of the world.

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