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We only have only 23 Tents at Big Game Camp - Udawalawe National Park and fast filling. You may send your expression of interest or book instantly using our online booking engine.
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"We are pleased to inform you that we are the first Tented Campsite Accommodation to have granted the
‘Safe And Secure Tourism – Certificate of Compliance’ by Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority"


An Affordable Tented Safari Camp Experience on the Borders of the Udawalawe National Park


The unique advantages of Sri Lanka Big Game Safari Udawalawe National Park

Big Game Safari Udawalawe National Park is the only accommodation provider on the eastern border, making your safari camping experience all the more exclusive.

The campsite is located in a sizable clearing, with the camp being set up utilising the space available, while ensuring spaciousness to create a roomy environment for optimal viewing of the area’s natural beauty. The camp is located close to a man-made tank (reservoir), which is visited by many species of birds, butterflies and other animals, adding to the beauty of the area. There is enough space at the campsite for children and big families to have a great time.

Although the Udawalawe National Park spans Sri Lanka’s wet and dry zones, the campsite is located in the dry zone, and the flora and fauna are specific to the area.

The Big Game Safari campsite Udawalwe National Park is set up in an area of wilderness, and elephants may be visible at the borders of the camp. An ‘Elephant Fence’ has been set up on the borders as a precaution, as these gentle giants have taken a liking to our rice sacks in the kitchen more than their green grass! Though elephants are not usually aggressive, a sudden encounter with a human, especially at night, could startle them into an act of self-defence. The fence has been set up to avoid this.


Game Drives with Sri Lanka Big Game Safaris

We offer a unique Udawalawe National Park safari with experienced drivers and naturalists, expert in all things wild.

There is about 21km between the entrance of the National Park and our campsite. 15km of this distance traces the boundaries of Udawalawe National Park, and offers you a good chance to see wildlife that lives near the Park borders. The remaining 6km takes you through semi-wilderness areas and pastoral villages.

Those who wish to do both morning and evening safaris, have the option of going back to the camp to have an exquisite lunch and return in time for the evening safari. Alternatively, you may extend the morning safari to a full day safari. We are happy to pack you a delicious lunch in the event you wish to do so.

We are also equipped to provide customised services such as a safari for children, family safari, honeymoon safari, photography safari, vacation safari etc. This can be arranged at a nominal fee.

Our Safari Packages

More information about Udawalawe National Park

Please note that although the tents are set up far from local villages, and even though this area is very quiet, the distant sound of a radio or temple chant may sometimes carry to the campsite. These occurrences are rare, but we would like to keep our guests informed in case such situations arise.


The Location

The Big Game campsite Udawalawe National Park is set inside a flat and spacious bush forest overlooking a man-made reservoir on the eastern boundary of the Udawalawe National Park. Tents are spaciously set up to ensure a great setting and maximum enjoyment of the breath-taking sunset in the bush. Within the campsite’s private forest is a lake teeming with pelicans, storks, and lapwings, and on the borders is a stunning rock cliff – frequented by elephants – with a part aerial view of Udawalawe National Park Sri Lanka. You can even play board games or read at the Recreation Lounge & Common Area, or just spend late mornings under the open sky while dozing off on a hammock.

An early morning drive to the Park entrance or an evening drive back to the campsite can be easily made into a mini safari, based on your interests. The drive can take as short a time as 20 minutes, but a slower drive – recommended to better observe your surroundings – will be anywhere between 30 to 40 minutes. Further to this, our naturalists carry red beam torches that help detect animals even in the dark, especially when entering the Park.

Please refer the map below to identify the exact location of the campsite.

Big Game Campsite Udawalawe National Park







Elephants & ‘tea buffet’ just brilliant

We loved our 2 nights at Big Game Camp Udawalawe National Park the warm welcome with cool drinks & towels; the ‘tea buffet’ ; excellent tent accommodation - some of the cleanest & freshest accommodation we have had in SL! The en-suite bathrooms were a hoot & just right for the circumstances; breakfast under the trees was only surpassed by the delicious dinners by candlelight & open fire; we chose a whole day safari, yes you pay a premium for it but it was such a wonderful immersive experience; we had a brilliant day in the national park & got up close & personal to so many beautiful elephants; many baby elephants which were divine & so well protected by the herd; the packed breaky & tiffin lunch were delicious; we had the time to sit with the elephants rather than shooting off like other tours, it was magical. It was great to be a little off the beaten track, relax, unwind & still have great accommodation. Well worth it for a special experience. The staff were all charming, attentive & helpful.

Stayed October 2019, Traveled with friends
Susan V , Melbourne, Australia

Udawalawe national park on sri lanka map

We are located within a 30-minute drive to the park entrance and just 200m away from its boundaries. The Big game campsite Udawalawe National Park, located in a semi-wilderness area overlooking a small lake, is frequently visited by wild elephants.

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Double | Room Only

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