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Sri Lanka – The Ultimate Wildlife Destination

The small island nation of Sri Lanka (65,610 sq. km or 25,332 sq. mi.) has been famous as a beach holiday
destination since the 1960s and even before for tourists from all over the world. While the beaches are still pristine and the cultural and historical attractions still attract tourists looking for the ultimate in exoticism, there is one area of tourism that has been taking massive steps in the upward direction over the past few years. Sri Lanka is now one of the most sought-after eco-tourism destinations in the world, and rightfully so, as the island has more to offer per square area than most other countries in the world.

This bear had a broken front paw, but what we saw it doing will melt your heart

The Sri Lankan Sloth Bear (Melursus ursinus inornatus), like all bears (with the exception of Polar Bears), is an omnivore. Its main source of nourishment is termites, which it eats using a specially adapted pair of lips which is flexible enough to form a nozzle, giving it the name “Labiated Bear”. Sloth Bears have been seen and heard annihilating termite mounds in Sri Lanka’s national parks. If you are a lover of insects, there is no need to worry, as termite mounds are plentiful in these parts.

Rare Leopard Sighting at the Udawalawe National Park

Udawalawe National Park is among Sri Lanka’s more popular national parks. Located in an area that spans parts of the Sabaragamuwa and Uva Provinces of South-Central Sri Lanka, the national park is also significant for being a mix of wet and dry zone ecologies. The national park is a collection of different geographical features, including rocky areas, mountain ranges and two large bodies of water: the Udawalawe Reservoir and the smaller Mau Aru Reservoir. The Udawalawe Dam and Reservoir were completed in 1969, and the area around it, which displaced the wildlife flooded by the reservoir, was classified the Udawalawe National Park, thereby providing them sanctuary, in 1972.

Climate Change ~ Udawalawe National Park
and its elephants, Sri Lanka

GreenGlobalTrek  Sri Lanka 9
One of my (Peta) main motivations for being in Sri Lanka is to see elephants in the wild.
Sri Lanka has one of the largest populations of wild elephants in Asia with four national parks where one can see them.
Having grown up in South Africa, I  have a very strong desire to see elephants in their natural habitat again. Free and wild. There is nothing more spectacular than animals, happy in their natural environment without threat from mankind.

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