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Five Big Facts on Sri Lanka's Big Five

With world-famous fins, claws, spots, blowholes and tusks… it’s no surprise that Sri Lanka is regarded as the best place in the world for a safari experience, outside Africa! The Big Five in Sri Lanka is none other than; the Sri Lankan Elephant – mainly roaming through the dry zone of Sri Lanka, though also spotted in a domesticated setting throughout the island; the Sperm Whale – the thrill of every successful Mirissa Whale Watching excursion; the Sri Lankan Leopard – the apex predator of Sri Lanka, seen in the dry zone and a few highland areas across the country; the Blue Whale – a rare yet possible find just off the coast of Mirissa if you hire a boat for Whale Watching in Sri Lanka; and clocking in at number five of the Big Five is the Sloth Bear – Baloo’s Sri Lankan cousin sometimes found drunk on fruiting Palu on Big Game Safaris in the dry zone!

Here are Five Big Facts on Sri Lanka's Big Five, in the order of land to ocean:

1.      Sri Lankan leopard – This isn’t just a big cat, it’s the biggest leopard in the world! Their super-size is mainly due to the fact that leopards in Sri Lanka are kings of the jungle, with no competition from other wild cat species!

2.      Sri Lankan sloth bear – Much like the Winnie the Pooh Bear cartoons we all grew up on, this bear is a big eater and loves dessert! They are usually found pigging out on Palu fruits when it’s in season, and then promptly going into a sugar comatose while ‘drunkenly’ stumbling away!

3.      Sri Lankan elephant – These big fellas are known to be the biggest and darkest of all the Asian elephants! Bonus Fact: Elephants in Sri Lanka gather in one spot, once a year in Minneriya – with wild herds as large as 300 to 400 – coming together! The Elephant Gathering in Minneriya, Sri Lanka is considered to be one of the biggest wildlife wonders of the world!

4.      Sperm Whale – This is the world’s largest toothed whale, reaching 18m in length and 45 tonnes in weight, which is probably why Whale Watching Tours are so sought after!

5.      Blue Whale – This big guy is the largest living animal on the planet! It’s reported that the longest individual was 100 ft (30.5 m) in length, which could make it a female as the fairer sex of this species are usually larger!

Whether you’re travelling across oceans to see the Sperm or Blue Whale in Sri Lanka, Leopards in Yala, Sloth Bears in the dry zone, Elephants in Udawalawe, or the more elusive Leopards in Wilpattu, Big Game Safari Sri Lanka brings you closer to the Big Five ethically and responsibly, always.