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Sri lanka elephant herd

5 things you didn't know about Sri Lankan Elephants

1. Sri Lankan elephants today are smaller in comparison with historical accounts dating back to 200 BC and with photographs taken in the 19th century. The smaller size could possibly be the result of eliminating the physically best specimens from potentially breeding, through hunting or domestication.

2. The Sri Lankan subspecies is the biggest and also the darkest of the Asian elephants.

3. The herd size of elephants in Sri Lanka ranges from 12 – 20 individuals or more. It is led by the most senior female, or matriarch.

4. Female Sri Lankan elephants are generally able to breed by the time they are 10 years old, and give birth to a single calf after a 22-month pregnancy!

5. Wild elephant herds as large as 300 to 400 can be seen gathering once a year. The elephant gathering at Minneriya Sri Lanka is considered to be one of the biggest wildlife wonders of the world.

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