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Of BBQs, Campfires and Stars

There’s something soothing, yet exciting, about being in the jungle at night; the deep bellows from bullfrogs in the dark, the chirping of a hundred crickets surrounding you, the wind rustling through the scraggly trees… all voices of the night spread throughout absolute silence and isolation. I pondered over these peculiarities as my dining experience at Big Game Camps Yala came to life.

candle and cake at big game camps sri lankaIlluminated by candles, stars, and a dancing campfire, a plate of grilled-to-order BBQ and garlic rice was set in front of me – the second course of my three course dinner experience in the wilderness. I must say that when I think of camping in Sri Lanka, table-side service with courses and polished silverware isn’t the typecast experience, but Big Game’s camping experience is designed with all creature comforts in mind while still being immersed in Nature.

My own Big Game Camp accommodation in Yala featured a comfortable tent with proper bedding and en-suite bathroom with running hot water, plus, the real deciding factor for Yala camping, a flushable toilet! Additionally, I’ll be missing the dread of 4am cold showers pre-safari tomorrow morning. As far as safari camps in Sri Lanka goes, this ticks all my ‘creature comfort’ boxes.

By the time dessert arrived – and it was perhaps the most luscious chocolate biscuit pudding I’ve had – the long, drawn out hoot of an owl which echoed across the jungle, stopped with a sudden flutter and rustle. Inarguably dinnertime was all around. And as the night grew older, with the stars softly twinkling over my fast disappearing dessert, the sounds of the rest of the jungle picked up the slack of now still forks and knives, with whispers of wildlife. If this is just dinner, you can bet your bottom dollar I won’t be skipping breakfast.


- By Talia F.

Guest overnight stay at Big Game Camp Yala on 5th June 2019.