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Eagle in a tree

The Secret Safari

Ever been on a secret safari before? We at Big Game Camps Sri Lanka invite you to step out of your tent, and step into your safari! This is just one of the many benefits of camping where elephants roam, peacocks dance, and jungle cats prowl, and is a very unique advantage of being in close proximity to the Yala, Udawalawe and Wilpattu National Parks!

Enjoy bird watching by simply looking up at the trees or near the watering holes and try to spot everything from the Yellow-fronted barbet to the Pompadour green pigeon. Or, wander around the campsite and encounter anything from 30 species of butterflies to sunbathing Elephants! This isn’t your textbook Sri Lankan Safari, this is living with wildlife and having the experience of a never-ending safari.

For an additional fee, and subject to availability, ask for the camp’s naturalist and enjoy a guided nature walk and / or night walk to make the most of your secret safari in Sri Lanka.

Popular and rare campsite sightings at Big Game Yala: Grey hornbill, jungle fowl, brown-capped babbler, pompadour green pigeon, yellow-fronted barbet, ceylon barbet, mugger crocodile, land monitor, green guardian lizard, painted-lipped lizard, tree snake, rat snake, flying snake, green vine snake, python, cobra, ruddy mongoose, hare, spotted deer, giant squirrel, ring-tailed civet, palmed civet, loris, rusty spotted cat.

Popular and rare campsite sightings at Big Game Udawalawe: Wild boar, black-naped hare, star tortoise, ruddy mongoose, land monitor, peacock, hornbills, 20 other species of birds, 10 species of butterflies, ring tailed civet, jungle cats, grey langur, toque macaque, giant squirrel, palm squirrel.

Popular and rare campsite sightings at Big Game Wilpattu: Spotted deer, barking deer, mouse deer, elephant, jungle cat, fishing cat, porcupine, giant squirrel, palm squirrel, peacock, brahminy kite, pangolin, loris, black-naped hare, mongoose, land monitor, 27 species of snakes, 125 species of birds, 47 species of butterflies.


Naturalists with the guests


Wild elephants in the forest

Ultimate sri lankan wildlife adventure