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Leopard in the wilderness


Leopards Safari Sri Lanka

Sri Lankan Leopard – One of the most lithe and supple of the big cats, the Sri Lankan leopard holds a mystique like no other. Coming out of its slumber at dawn and dusk to swagger through the jungle environments, the leopard is a creature of both incredibly terrifying strength and beauty.

Sri Lanka’s Yala National Park is recognized as having the highest density of wild leopards in the world. In one area of the Park, it is reported that there is one leopard per square kilometre, an incredibly high number compared to anywhere else in the world.  Unconfirmed reports indicate that between 500 – 650 leopards reside in the wild in Sri Lanka.

The much larger Wilpattu National Park – Sri Lanka’s Largest – is also home to a population of Sri Lankan Leopards. Although not as densely populated with leopards as Yala, this National Park’s total area means that it is possible that there are a sizable number of these big cats in this national park. Sri Lanka’s other national parks are also known for their rare sightings of leopards, who tend to stay away from human populations.

Big Game Safari camps at Yala and Wilpattu are your perfect base for observing these beautiful creatures up close. No experience compares to a morning or evening safari with a leopard sighting.

Care, education, and continuing support must be provided to ensure that the leopards of Sri Lanka, one of its most stunning and majestic predators, still roam free for many generations to come.

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