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Discover amazing wildlife offers in Sri Lanka.  Whether you are a resident of Sri Lanka or coming here for a holiday, we have a great selection of special offers available for an unforgettable wildlife experience. Browse our exclusive ​safari ​deals and book your space now.


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Experiencing the Great Outdoors with Sri Lanka Big Game Safaris


Accommodation & Living Experience

It’s not just about experiencing an authentic safari adventure in the wild, but living it! We at Sri Lanka Big Game Safaris are true believers in providing thrilling wildlife experiences – and it doesn’t stop at safaris.

 Big game camp tent at yala national park

Enjoy simple yet comfortable accommodation in tented camps at the borders of the Yala, Udawalawe and Wilpattu National Parks, for a closer-to-nature living experience. Our tents are fitted with a bedroom and an en suite bathroom with hot & cold water. The beds are raised and fitted with comfortable mattresses. Pillows, bed linen, towels, a flashlight, and basic bathroom amenities are provided. Additionally, umbrellas and raincoats are provided during rainy weather. Our experienced team is here to take care of your every need, as we take pride in providing personalised service while paying close attention to every detail.


At sundown, after a rewarding safari, sit by a roaring campfire with a chilled beer while lighting is supplied by flame torches, hurricane lamps, and the moon. Nightfall brings new excitement; the thunder crack of ‘Elephant Crackers’ in the distance lit by farmers as a warning to elephants wandering too close to their harvest, an occasional hoot of an exotic owl, the soft purr of a jungle cat… you don’t quite realise you’re in the middle of an adventure until you live it!


A Dining Experience in the Wild

We provide exciting dining experiences, with professional chefs creating gourmet traditional and fusion cuisine. There is nothing quite like an alfresco dinner under the stars, or under the canopy of a large tree, with the ambiance of a bush forest hiding scurrying animals. Enjoy a BBQ by the campfire with the entertainment of tranquillity and chirping crickets, and, additionally, our assurance that you will experience more than just a meal.

 big game camps dining experience at yala campsite


The Ultimate Safari Experience

While Sri Lanka Big Game Safaris offer you the freedom to arrange your own Sri Lanka Wildlife Tour, we highly recommend booking wildlife tours with us, as we can ensure that your safari experience is up to the high standard you expect.

We have two Sri Lankan Safari Packages to choose from, and for an additional fee we can include an expert naturalist guide (subject to availability).

 big game camps safaris at udawalawe national park sri lanka

You may select one of the following packages from us.


Safari Package Details

Standard Safari Package  -  Sharing

Exclusive Safari Package

Exclusive Safari Jeep



Entrance Ticket for Guests



Unlimited Bottled Water



Soft Drink and Snack






Immediate Back Up




Safari Time Starting time (at the Campsite)

End time (at the Campsite)

Morning safari 5.30 a.m. 9.30 a.m. -10.30 a.m.
Evening Safari 2.30 p.m. 6.15 p.m. -6.45 p.m.


Supplement Rates

Cost (USD) Half Day

Full Day

Exclusive Jeep 35 70
Naturalist -On Availability 20 30


Half Day - Sharing 120 156 234 312
Half Day - Exclusive 168 204 282 360
Full Day - Exclusive  240 276 414 552