Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Question

  1. What is Big Game Tented Safari experience? 
    Big Game Tented Safari Camps are specially designed for the wildlife enthusiasts and nature lovers, who are passionate and seek unique, affordable Sri Lankan wildlife adventures with value for money 
    At Big Game Camps, professional services from skilled staff are on offer along with comfortable accommodation, making your experience indelible.

  2. Where are the big game camps located?
    They are located in Yala, Udawalawe & Wilpattu and are not inside the National Parks but on the borders/ close proximity to the national parks.

  3. How far is the National Park entrance from Big Game Camps? 

    Yala National Park
    It is about a 15-20 minute drive from the Campsite through a nature reserve which is like a mini Safari by itself.

    Udawalawe National Park 
    It is about a 20 - 30-minute drive from the Campsite.

    Wilpattu National Park
    It is about a 10-minute drive from the Campsite.

  4. What are the check-in & check-out times at Big Game Camps? 
    Check-in is at 12.30 pm and check-out is at 11.00 am

  5. How many people can one tent accommodate maximum?
    We can accommodate a maximum of 3 beds inside one tent. 

  6. Do you have family tents?
    We have family tents which are larger than the normal tent and have the ability to accommodate up to 5 people. However, family tents are highly subjected to availability. 

  7. Do you have facilities to store valuable items?
    Ours is a mobile tented safari camp and we do not have facilities for safekeeping. We encourage our guests to minimise carrying valuable items. In the event that you do carry any, we advise that you keep such items with you at all times.

  8. What if I require something essential when I am at the camp? 
    We will be able to assist based on the requirement. However, please note we are 20-30 minutes away from the closest retail store and combine all purchases to be done in one trip. 

  9. Do you provide toiletries or should I bring my own?
    Our guests are welcome to bring their own if they are comfortable but the basic needs such as a hand wash, body wash and toilet paper are provided and will be refilled/  replaced by the room service staff. 

  10. Do you provide driver accommodation in the campsite?
    We do not provide driver accommodation at the campsites.  However, we are able to assist you in arranging accommodation at a minimal cost. 

  11. How may I tip the staff?
    You are welcome to tip our staff at your discretion. Each campsite will have a tip box which you can contribute to. It’s very much appreciated if you do not tip the staff individually other than your safari driver and the guide. 

  12. Is it possible to charge digital cameras, laptops and mobile phones inside campsites?
    Your tent has the facility to charge the devices.  Please be aware that in some of the Big Game Tented Campsites, mobile phone signals may be very weak or not available.

  13. Will mosquito nets be available in our tent?
    Our tents are insect-proof and mosquito nets are provided only on request.. However, considering this being the wilderness, guests are advised to carry their own insect repellents.

  14. Are the Big Game Safaris suitable during pregnancy?
    Big Game Safaris may not be suitable during certain months of pregnancy as most of the trails are off-road and rugged. However, they could stay in the campsite and enjoy the wildlife that is ample in the surrounding wilderness.

  15. Does Big Game cater to children?
    Very much. We propose that due to the wild nature and often rugged off-road trails traversed during a true safari adventure, safaris are generally suitable for children over the age of 3 years. However, younger children can be accommodated on request. Parents must be aware that there are no special facilities in the Jeeps or camps for very young children, although cots can be provided on prior request in the tent. Big Game requests that parents should take care of any special/distinct dietary requirements for very young children.
    We have a number of activities for children including a treasure hunt, painting, reading and many opportunities to learn and explore the wilderness.

  16. Will a flashlight or a torch be available in our tent?
    For our guests’ convenience, a torch or a flashlight is provided in each tent as a mandatory requirement.

  17. If it rains whilst we are at Big Game?
    In the event you encounter one of Sri Lanka’s tropical downpours, we provide umbrellas for our guests’ to stay dry. However, this is yet again a unique experience!

  18. Will binoculars be available for our use while we are on safari?
    Our guests are welcome to bring their own and we do not provide binoculars. 

  19. Do you provide vegan, gluten-free, vegetarian food?
    We are able to customize our menu based on your requirement. We provide vegetarian and non-vegetarian items on the menu. We request our guests to provide their requirements including any allergies beforehand (1-2 days prior in order to prepare) 

  20. Are your meats Halal / Kosher?
    We obtain meat items from recognised suppliers and that is Halal/ Kosher certified.

  21. Can baby food be kept in the tent?
    We do not encourage our guests to keep the food of any sort including packed/ canned items as these may attract insects, rodents etc into the tented accommodation. However we are able to assist our guests by keeping the food items in our camp kitchen refrigerator.

  22. How many safaris are included in the tent with a safari package?
    The tent with safari package includes 1 half-day safari (morning or afternoon)

  23. Does Big Game provide Trackers?
    Trackers are provided by the Department of Wildlife of Sri Lanka. As such a tracker is made available at the park entrance prior to the commencement of the Safari.

  24. Do I get a naturalist for my tent with a safari package?
    We do not provide a naturalist for the tent with a safari package. Our guests are able to pay an additional amount for a naturalist/guide at the camp and get his services. However, we do provide a competent safari jeep driver who can handle safari well with the help of the Tracker.

  25. What are the Safari timings & how long do they take? 
    Morning Safaris begin at 5.30 a.m. and return to the Campsite is at 10.00 a.m., generally lasting just over 4 hrs.
    Afternoon Safaris begin at 2.30 p.m. and return to the Campsite is at 6.30 p.m, generally lasting just about 4 hrs.
    Full day Safaris begin at 5.30 am and return to the Campsite is at 6.30 p.m generally lasting just about 12 hrs.

  26. Do the guides speak other languages?
    Our guides (naturalists) speak English. However, the local guides/ trekkers  from the National parks are not always conversant in English.

  27. Do you provide an air-conditioned vehicle for our 4WD Jeep Safaris?
    To experience a true 4WD Jeep Safari experience, we don't recommend closed-in air-conditioned vehicles as ideal. With open sides and tiered comfortable seats, viewing and photographing possibilities are truly enhanced by the open nature of our custom made Jeeps. The 4WD Jeeps used have a good suspension system for those off-road trails.

  28. What are the jeep models of the open 4 wheel drives? 
    Toyota Hilux or Mahendra 4 wheel drive (open safari jeep)

  29. What other activities are available other than safaris?
    There are a number of other activities including nature, village and night walk along with cooking lessons and painting materials. However, note that only the night walk is complementary and you can do the rest for an additional price. We request our guests to provide us with prior notice if they intend on doing any of our extra activities.

  30. Do you have a swimming pool? 
    We are a Mobile Camping operation and do not have a swimming pool.

  31. Do wild animals visit the campsites?
    Our camps are located on the borders of the National Parks and in the midst of wildlife. Naturally, you will be living amongst many bird species, grey langurs, etc., Occasionally, the larger species such as elephants, leopards, have been spotted on the borders. Our staff is experienced and trained to handle such situations in the wild. 

  32. What First Aid facilities are available at the Big Game Camps?
    Due to the natural remoteness of most of the Campsites, it is imperative that guests inform us of any specific medical conditions prior to arrival. In all of the campsites, basic First Aid requirements can be administered; however, in any unforeseen case of a more severe medical emergency/illness, the nearest local hospital must be consulted.

  33. What kind of currency should I carry?
    We offered either accommodation only/ Breakfast & Dinner or with accommodation and all 3 meals.  You will need some money for extra meals/beverages and for safaris if it’s not pre-booked and can be paid for in Sri Lankan Rupees or USD. 

  34. Are there any specific personal items I should bring with me to camp?
    Big Game camps recommend that guests bring casual, lightweight comfortable clothing. During the cooler months such as November, December and January. The early mornings and late evenings can be chilly, as such any warm clothing to keep the guests comfortable and warm are useful. Due to the intensity of the sun, sun protection creams are a must, as are hats/caps and sunglasses.
    We kindly request guests to bring any special personal medication

  35. What kind of footwear do you recommend during my stay? 
    We advise you to always have a pair of trainers for nature walks and night walks. You may also carry flip flops or a pair of sandals (that can sustain hard rocky ground) at other times.

  36. Can guests drive up to Big Game Camp?
    We provide a pickup point and time to the guests and you will be driven to the campsite from there. We follow the same procedure by dropping our guests on departure to the same assigned location. This is part of the service we provide to all our guests free of charge.

  37. Do you let other visitors into the camps to meet guests?
    We  do not encourage  outsiders to visit our sites  

  38. Is WIFI available at the site?

    YES. But however, this is limited to two-time slots which are from 10.00 AM to 01.00 PM and from 06.30 PM to 10.30 PM.

    We kindly request that you limit your usage during these times so that all guests can have access to the WIFI service.

  1. Is there public transport to the locations and what are the landmarks?
    Guests can use public transportation to reach specific locations from these points; guests can travel to the pickup point using a “tuk-tuk”. Public transport may include buses, trains where applicable. 

    Note : Public transport in Sri Lanka is not always reliable in terms of timing.

    Type of transport
    Yala:  Arrival at Kataragama Main bus stand - adjoining Perera & Sons (5.2 km/10-minute drive to the Campsite)
    Udawalawe:  Arrival at 17 ⅕ milepost (28 km milepost) on Thanamalawila - Udawalawe road closer to the signboard for Agunukolapelessa School written in the vernacular language. (4.5 km/8-minute drive to the Campsite from the School)
    Wilpattu:  Arrival at Wilpattu junction closer to the Leopard Den Hotel (2.5 km/5-minute drive to the Campsite from the junction)

    Train - nearest stations
    Yala:  Matara station ( 145 km/ 3 hour drive from the station to the Campsite) and Ella station (102 km/2-hour drive from the station to the Campsite) 
    Udawalawe:  Matara station (125 km/ 2 ½ hours drive from the station to the Campsite and Ella station (82 km/2-hour drive from the station to the Campsite)
    Wilpattu:  Puttalam station (47 km/ 1 hour drive from the station to the Campsite)  

  2. Do you provide transfers to and from other locations?
    We can arrange transfers to & from other locations. Please note that this is a charged service and please contact us with your requirements. 
    What are the approximate distances & travel time from Colombo and the airport to the campsites in a private vehicle?

    From the Airport via southern expressway: 4 ½ - 5 hours (310 km)
    From Colombo via southern expressway: 3 ½ - 4 hours (283 km)

    From the Airport via southern expressway: 4 - 4 ½ (291 km)
    From Colombo via southern expressway: 3 - 3 ½ hours (264 km)

    From the Airport: 3 ½ - 4 hours (155 km)
    From Colombo: 4 - 4 ½ hours (183 km)

    Note: travel time may change based on peak traffic hours 

  3. What is the closest National Park to the airport?
    Closest National Park  that you can visit is Wilpattu National Park 

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